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Men’s retreat

9 november 2018 @ 17:00 - 11 november 2018 @ 17:00

Men’s retreat


with Klas Landahl & Jesper Lejfjord

Inner exploration, challenges, transformation & supportive brotherhood.
Kundalini yoga, meditation and the Four Archetypes of the masculine psyche.

Are you ready to explore & challenge yourself, your psyche and your personality?
Are you willing to let go of limiting beliefs and comforts, and bring forth your strength and stamina?
Are you willing to meet other men in an authentic and honest way, where competition is replaced by support, pride is replaced by love and deeply listening non-judging men hold each other in truth?

This retreat will include:
– Kundalini yoga and meditation
– Self-discovery through the eyes of Carl Jung’s model of archetypes
– Shadow work (the beliefs you hold about yourself that you hide, repress or deny)
– Building trust with yourself and other men
– Discovering and developing your relation to nature

No previous knowledge or experience is needed. If you are willing to take a risk – you’re welcome!

We will be at Borntorpet, located in the forests of Västmanland. This is not a therapy session and it is not a feel-good retreat – it’s a challenging training weekend for men to become more of who they want to be.


The greek word for archetype translates into “original pattern from which copies are made”. The four major archetypes of the Masculine psyche, based in Jungian psychology, are the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. Each represent parts of us that manifest in our conscious and unconscious behaviours.

The King (the Sovereign) is the part in us that blesses ourselves and others, the gateway emotion is joy and the King energy is about being of service.
The Warrior is the executive force within you. The part that fearlessly gets things done. Boundaries are set and kept by the warrior.
The Magician is the part of you that connects to ideas and visions and the ability to turn them into reality. The part of you that wants to learn, to master technology or to follow your curiosity.
The Lover is shown when you look at a baby, your ability to love and adore people and things in the world. When you smell a flower, caress a cheek or appreciate beauty – the lover is moving through you.

All of these archetypes have their shadow version which are the parts you hide, repress or deny. During this workshop you’ll learn to bring them out of the unconscious into the realm of choice, enabling you to be more of the man you want to be.


The aim of Kundalini yoga is union of body, mind and spirit; transformation of character; fulfillment of destiny and to live in our highest truth. We use physical exercises, powerful breathing techniques, sound vibration, mantra and meditation. All these things together can unlock inner blockages, open the flow of life energy and give us a more whole and fulfilling awareness of ourselves and our lives.


Klas Landahl is a full-time teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation at Stockholm Kundaliniyoga Center. He offers all kinds of workshops, retreats and courses, among these yoga courses especially for men. Klas is a Teacher Trainer and educates new yoga teachers in Stockholm and Norway. He is an artist, musician and writer who loves the power of creation, to move from vision to manifestation.

Jesper Lejfjord has been working with community building for 10+ years and has been living with ethnic minorities in the Lao jungle before founding the community centered around the shared office space, “The Castle” in central Stockholm, Sweden. Through esoteric practises and philosophy studies, Jesper has acquired an interest in human development in general and men’s work in particular. Jesper is involved in the Mankind Project and its Nordic branch, hosts men’s groups at The Castle and is a lecturer at Nodens Men’s Group in Stockholm & European Mens Gathering.

Together they will guide you into raw power and deep rest; expression and stillness; direction, purpose and limitless vastness. Rather than giving you concepts about what it is to be a man they will guide you into exploring what it is to be You.

They are both musicians and multi-talents, they have run their own businesses and projects for many years and have studied many different things. During this retreat they will share from their broad treasure box of experience.


DATES: 9-11 nov (starts fri 5 pm, ends sun 3 pm)
LOCATION: Borntorpet, Skinnskatteberg. 2 hrs west of Stockholm.
PRICE: 3.500 SEK incl food/accommodation.
We also offer a few low income positions priced at 2000 SEK, please apply here:


9 november 2018 @ 17:00
11 november 2018 @ 17:00
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